How to install Retrica For PC Free

Retrica is an images app that will definitely blow you away with its awesome effects and filters. Though it is much behind from some incredible programs like Snapseed and Picsart.

Still, if you are seeking the options of these pictures apps that are renowned, Retrica would be the best choice to consider. The app has got all the stuff, nicely lined up in to interface that was quite fascinating and sections as well.

The app is available on all leading mobile operating systems windows ios and mobile too, such as android.

Retrica comprises tools which are as easy as merely cropping out garbage images to stylize the images using filters and vectors. The best aspect of the app lies in its filters which prove to be great when stylizing pictures with just a click.

Officially developed for some mobile operating systems including iOS, android and windows mobile also as already discussed previously that Retrica is a photography application.

It’s not officially developed to be used on Linux, operating systems like windows and the like that power your desktop computers and laptops.


Download Retrica For PC

Although, if you are much considering loving all the app attributes on a much bigger display then you are at right place. Here’s a process to run Retrica on your PC.

Bluestacks is one option, which can be an emulator that is android. There are a few other options too under the same circumstance, although if you intend to use something different from android emulator then you can give iPadian a try. To download Retrica for PC using blue stack you will need to follow the instructions as below:

  • Install and download Bluestacks on your own PC, it’s recommended to use offline installer that you can download from here!
  • Download the app, when located link and await the installation to finish.
    When setup is successful you will get a notification.

I bet you might have completed till now! Although if not, re-read the steps and act in accordance. Ask us any time also if you’re have some problem installing the app.

One of many common errors includes as the app will actually be downloaded from the internet internet connectivity, which will be mandatory.

There is option for this process as this can be bypassed. In such a case you’re able to use apk file of the app, this it is possible to get as a back-up from an android device generally from distinct sources or from external apk hosting sites.

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Clumsy Bird for PC (Windows 7/8) Download Tutorial

Hello readers, today we are going to provide guide on how to download Clumsy Bird for PC or Windows 7/8/XP Computer, please keep on reading to know more about this. Hay Day for PC downloading process is given here.

Clumsy Bird is emerging out to be one of the biggest smartphone games in the market. Since its release, the game has been breaking several records set up by the games that fall under the same category. After Flappy birds, if there is any game that attracts lot of gamers towards itself, then its none other than Clumsy Bird.

Note : Clumsy Bird for PC is not available officially but one have to use Android Emulator software to run it. And today we are going to use Bluestacks App Player which enables us to play any type of android game or application on computer.

clumsy bird for pc

Following the popularity of Clumsy Bird on smartphones, the developers announced its launch for the PC’s too. Clumsy birds is the number one thrill and action packed flying adventure game. The graphics are so strong and engaging that it makes you feel like being in another world. The flapping of birds in the game is very interesting.

Clumsy Bird is certainly one of the best bird flapping games in the market. The nature of this game is very addictive too. If you start playing the game, it can take a few moments for you to undergo perfection but having done that, it is very hard to get away from the game.

Features of Clumsy Bird for PC :

The game play of Clumsy Birds is quite interesting. It is basically a survival game for the clumsy birds who lock horns with the bad dragons. The dragons steal their eggs in the game and the main motive remains to be the recovery of the eggs from the bad dragons. You can guide the cute little flappy birds in order to retrieve back their precious eggs.

  1. The touch controls of the game are incredible. You can flap the wings by tapping on the screen.
  2. The fun and entertainment embedded in the game is marvelous.
  3. The graphics of the game are not only clear but very engaging too. The whole bird world comes to life while playing the game.
  4. You can tap in order to flap the wings and make the bird fly.
  5. The interface of the game is very easy to follow and this is the reason why children are also seen playing this magnificent game.
  6. The integration of the game to social media can enable the user to share his scores with friends.

After knowing the features lets see how you can download Clumsy Bird on Computer. I request you to go through the below mentioned steps.

How to download Clumsy Birds for PC:

Clumsy Birds is an android app and all the android apps can be downloaded on PC with the help of an android emulator. The android emulators are primarily used for the installation of android apps on PC. In this case, we will make use of the BlueStacks installer, which is one of the most popular android emulators available in the market.

Here are some of the steps to follow for the download of Clumsy Birds for PC:

  1. The initial step is to install BlueStacks installer from its official website.
  2. After the installation of BlueStacks installer, you can try to search for “Clumsy Birds” on its search box.
  3. The results are displayed with an install button situated nearby. Please click on the button and the installation of clumsy birds begins.

So folks, I hope you liked this guide on downloading Clumsy Bird for PC or Windows 7/8/XP computer and while following the above steps if you faced any issue then tell us, we will solve the issue.

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How to Download GTA Vice City Free for PC

GTA Vice city is one the prominent game in the history of gaming world. The game was created as an advancement over its forerunner GTA game. As nothing can describe its characteristics entirely talking about the game class, it does not fall in a predefined type.

This is because of the fact that you will truly end up running, flying, racing and even becoming a hard core shooter while playing this game. The most crucial feature of the game is its open to roam environment, which enables you to do almost everything in its virtual world.

GTA Vice city was initially developed for some gaming consoles including playstation and xbox it was designed to be played on computers too.

It was created by ‘Rockstar Games’, that have been developing similar types of games since years. There are a few other similar games developed by them such as San Andreas, Liberty City, GTA 5, etc.

GTA Vice City for pc

Minimum Requirements to Play GTA Vice City on PC:

Vice City don’t conform extreme images that is much nor much chip utilization are concerned, still there are some support configuration that must be followed to play with the game on your own PC, which are as follows:

CPU: Pentium chip is a minimal requirement, for better functionality, nevertheless, Dual core CPU is recommended.

GPU: Any graphic card with at least 128 MB of graphics memory will operate good.

Disk Space: 1 GB installation space.

About GTA Vice City

Vice city centers around the life ‘Tommy Vercetti’ who is the main protagonist and so is the playable character in the game. The game is all about completing assignments, getting money and reaching the zenith of the offense world.

GTA Vice City for mac

It is not on a space wars, a fairy tale or a first person shooting game; rather the game acts as an all in one bundle for the gamers. You will end up briefed about the game storyline which is fairly easy, when started for the very first time.

Tommy is set from the jail after some years, he finds her mom dead due to unknown reasons. Soon, he begins making a spot on the list of gangsters and joins the offense world again.

There are enormous amount missions in the game which will take you days to finish. The game might never finish if you just play with various other missions such as for example cab driver, vigilant, paramedic and so on, which are based on levels and time limits and just stop playing with the main line assignment.

The game finishes when all of the primary goals are finished. In the end Tommy finally finds out the reason behind her mum’s death and founds his own boss to be the main offender. Fully being a bad guy he takes vengeance of his mom’s death and the game then finishes.

Interesting, isn’t it? Download this game that is amazing instantly!

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Download Showbox for PC (Windows 7/8)

Showbox is a mobile application that can let you access your favorite pictures and videos at your finger tips. The application is an ideal choice if you are a kind of person who never misses a film that is single out, regardless of where ever you’re. It has interface that will ultimately cause you to love this striking app and a very user friendly controls.

Although there is not any hint of the app being available for several other mobile platforms Showbox is accessible for windows and Android phones also. Additionally there is not any official version of it launched for windows or any other OS that would power your computers.

Well, there is an unofficial way of making it run on your own PC though. Here I will be showing you a means to get Showbox for PC.

Showbox is an application which lets one to download and stream you favourite movies or tune videos absolutely free, as the app is freely on the Google Play Shop.

Nevertheless the same might not be the case with windows mobiles. The app the astonishingly useful, owing to its abundant attributes apart from the way it can let users download or stream exactly the same video.


Ways to Get Showbox for PC?

Showbox is an application that is developed for mobile devices, specifically for Smartphone operating systems. Its supported mobile platforms contain Android and Windows Cellphones. It hasn’t been officially made available for your own desktops or notebooks which run on windows, Linux, Mac OS or any other such operating system.

Here we can make use of some emulator applications that would allow us to install the setup packages of either of both mobile platforms onto our PC.

In use as of now there aren’t any such emulators for Windows mobile OS, nevertheless there are many freeware android emulators obtainable in the industry. Also there are some paid emulators too that would be especially easy when speaking about commercial applications.

Bluestacks is one particular free android emulator which will work superfluous with this application. We’re to use Bluestacks here as it is the most used android emulator of most times and so is urged to be used.

To install Showbox for PC using Bluestacks you may need certainly to follow specific measures to make sure that the application would work depending on your requirement. Here are the steps:

  • Download and install the app in your PC when discovered.
  • Installment is now successfully completed.

You’ll be notified by a notification in your taskbar, letting you use the application when the installation is successfully completed. Now you can open the application from your Bluestacks installed app list.

Before getting on the procedure for downloading and installing Showbox for PC, make sure your computer is connected to internet as it’d be required to download the app from your online app marketplace.

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How to Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

The game owes due credit to individuals as more and more folks are opting for simple games especially when speaking about puzzle games. This game is for the people that desire to have simple interaction with the screen as the game will simply have just one control.

The game is very light weighted and no incompatibility issues have already been by far observed with the android variants that are different. The puzzle games are intended to be as straightforward as possible and in case you’re an addict to such types of games, here is another dependency that you would experience.

Primary objective of the game is to make the pair of the bubbles possessing same colour. This might appear far-out yet easy, well because there will be situations when you may run out of bubbles or time it is not.

The game runs on a slow pace rather than to high problem level will ever be detected. Yet occasionally the colours of precisely the same color might confuse you getting you set bubble that is erroneous.

Candy Crush Saga

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC?

Candy Crush Saga is developed for ios and android, it is unavailable for the desktop computers and notebooks. This is because of the incompatibility of programs due to cross OS.

Which would be to use an emulator application, although there is an alternative to this kind of difficulty. Two sorts of emulators can be used for the goal viz android emulators or iOS emulator.

There is just one iOS emulator available “iPadian” which works fairly great, in the marketplace. It is not recommended to use iPadian, yet as most of the iOS programs are paid programs. Android emulator stays the only left alternative.

Of these all Bluestacks is an android emulator that is recommended, owing to its premium features in a package that is free. Also it supports games and all leading programs except those which will need rooting.

To run Candy Crush Saga on your own PC, firstly download and install it using Bluestacks. Each of the process is of few steps as and completes in a quite less time:

  • Download and install Bluestacks for your own PC. It’s possible for you to download it from here.
  • Now, download the game in the link thus obtained and start its installation.
  • Wait for the game to install successfully.

When the installation has been finished successfully you will be notified by a taskbar notification. Now all the measures have been completed by you and your setup was successful.

Before actuating on the preceding steps do make sure you’ve got a working internet connection as the same will be required to get the game in the app stores that are on-line.

You can also install the game using the apk of Candy Crush Saga. For this only start the game using the Bluestacks apk file handler. You can get the apk download off from some apk file servers or file using various sources including a backup file.

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How to Download Battlefield 4 For PC

Battlefield 4, also known as modern warfare is among the First Person Shooting Game that is well known. It was designed by Infinity ward in association with Treyarch and Aspyr, released under ‘Activision’.

Battlefield 4 was launched in a number of versions including Japanese too. Battlefield 4 was launched in 2007 and thus became one of the most played games afterward.

 Battlefield 4 – Game Plot

Battlefield 4 Modern War is set off showing the current years and type of actual situations. The game depicts the war between Russia and an ultranationalist group.

Battlefield 4

The group indicate anti-western ideas and invokes the government to place aback the US government. Instead consider them as terrorist, although, government never joins the group.

The chief protagonist of the game is ‘John Price’, who’s an US military sergeant. Price is told to help the Russian government to place aback the ultranationalist and to get over the current situations in the Russia. Price directs the squad sent to knock out ultranationalist in Russia.

While this is happening between Russia and the US, ultranationalist has seized among the most known cities of Russia. Till now Al Asad is considered to be the primary antagonist of the game who leads the ultranationalist.

After initial missions, Price succeeds in catching Al Asad and takes him back to the base station so that you can interrogate him to unfold secrets. Price founds some vital facts that the main leader of the group is ‘Imran Zakhaev’, on interrogating him.

Price has already learned of exactly the same name whole history comes and a series of flashbacks occur. So, the primary turn out in the game has become cost’s assignment hence save the world and to take on Zakhaev.

Minimal Requirements to Play with Battlefield 4 on PC:

Battlefield 4 Modern Warfare can be acquired on a number of gaming consoles including computers also. To play with it on your own PC, you will be required to have some minimum hardware settings.

As this would let you know not or whether the game will run on your PC it is fairly important to first understand about the hardware requirements. So, do before getting to download this stunning game on your PC have a note of settings that are subsequent:

Minimum Requirements to Battlefield 4 on PC

Battlefield 4 game

  • CPU:
  • RAM: At least 4 GB of RAM is required irrespective of the OS you are using.
  • Although contemplate using 6 GB for low malfunctions that are lagging.
  • GPU: Radeon or Nvidia with at least 512 MB graphics memory.
  • Directx 11 installed.
  • Computer Keyboard, Mouse or Dpad.
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Download Microsoft Office 2015 Free for Windows

Microsoft Office is an office suite that is all in one. All in one as it includes the group of finest programs from Microsoft that are not useless in every other professional documentation work that we do.

Practically everybody whether writers, lawyers, employees, etc use its products for cause or another. Microsoft Office 2015 is the newest variation of the Microsoft office suite, which will be released soon in the beginning of the next year.

Starting from Microsoft’s very own operating system, this application can currently be locating on nearly all the operating system including Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android also.

Microsoft Office 2015

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word reasons the best component of the Microsoft Office package. Essentially Microsoft Word is a word processing application with virtually all the modern comforts that might be required by a person and a professional also.

The application covers the tiniest part as altering fonts to the tremendous resources like thesaurus and grammar check. There have been many additions in the Microsoft Word 2015 following its preceding variants including more sophisticated algorithms that will eventually end up increasing user experience.

I don’t understand whether you know it or that, but the ‘Mouse’ that you use today was a Microsoft innovation. This was a significant reason behind MS Word’s virality.

Add-ons also have been made in the interface that the word provides. One special addition is Windows 8.1 compatibility, as some form of tiles construction along with ribbon menu has been added to the interface.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that enables its users to edit, manage and create spreadsheets without getting much deeper into the layout. Excel consists of a large number of rows and columns that could hold just about any number of information.

In the event you have exhausted all of the rows and columns somehow, you alternatively can use extra sheets or can add extra rows and columns. By default there are obtainable in the doc, which may however be raised to any number.

The most important things about shine is the default functions that makes certain computations simpler. You’ll be able to only add, subtract, take an average, percentage, etc using their respective functions and the cell info. Along with the functionality of importing graphs and charts, certain new functions are added in the Microsoft Office 2015 variant.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

PowerPoint is a powerful application that enables creating displays that are spectacular. It’s possible for you to add text, shapes, and images and in the most recent variant and videos may also be imported to the slides. The most important thing about the PowerPoint is its transition effect using which particular components of the slide including images, text and shapes can move or transit from one spot to another.

System Requirements:

  • OS: MAC OS X, Windows Vista or later versions.
  • CPU:
  • RAM: 1 GB is prerequisite, although 2 GB is recommended.
  • At least 4 GB free installment space.
  • GPU: Any GPU with at least 256 MB graphics memory.
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Download AutoCAD 2017 for Windows

AutoCAD is a CAD tool developed to be used by businesses and people too. Using this application several facets of a design analysed and can be illustrated with ease, all attributes and owing to its beautiful tools.

There have already been many powerful inclusions of the features that has revolutionised the entire scenario of the computer assisted drafting and design.

AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2017 – The Interface

Autodesk has recently changed its logo and rebranded itself, following this there have already been some improvements in its default interface. The chief improvement can be found in the file menu which appears to be windows as ribbon menu has now been adopted in this new version of the AutoCAD 8 look.

Along with this, tabs are implemented for the files, as now you can open multiple files or the jobs in one console window. So far as the ribbon menu is considered, using it is fairly straightforward, clicking on the ribbon will open the file menu that is whole including options that are open, save and other.

Command Line!

Command line was introduced with a powerful new feature of auto entire. This mightn’t be a fresh feature for you just in case you’ve used IDE programs like Netbeans; it’s a completely new theory although if you’ven’t.

The auto complete feature now automatically catches the connected keyword or specifically the function and implies you to complete it. That is an utility that is powerful as you will find that you’ve saved some valuable timeframe.

There is certainly also an innovative option called autocorrect which automatically corrects the whole functions if mistypes, and this might look linked to the auto feature that is complete but is fairly different as this will even enable you to get an extra functionality of synonym.

In this situation you could have the synonym of the word depending on the request.

Along with it there are many other new functions that have been added to the library, which would eventually make the working and the work considerably better. Some of such many functions comprise Round, Bolt, etc.

Other Attributes:

There are other features including cloud. Cloud gives an extra functionality of transferring all the project files on your cloud for common sharing between the members of the job to you. Although for this you might need certainly to shell out some bucks.

System Requirements of AutoCAD 2017 :

AutoCAD 2016 free

  • At least Dual Core CPU with 1.8 GHz clocking speed.
  • 2GB of RAM would be enough for mass usage.
  • Any GPU with minimal configuration.
  • 6 GB free setup required.
  • Accessible for MAC, Windows.
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How to Download IGI 1 Game For PC Free

IGI 1 or IGI: The game isn’t developed for any of the gaming consoles. InnerLoop studios developed it and published under Eidos Interactive in 2000.

As this was the time of Doom which was the only reigning supreme tactical first person shooting game for computers the game went fairly viral.

Although it was underrated by some folks also project IGI was the one with more enhanced graphics and gameplay but the game was magnificent and it was loved by most of the gamers.


IGI 1 : Gameplay and Storyline

The game is set off in the Europe and neighbouring states. The whole story revolves around a warhead that has been obtained by a terrorist group and you are going to be bringing back the warhead to protect it and to the military base.

At the very starting of the game, you’ll be given a short introduction of the game using a little narrative of the event; no videos are used however. The main protagonist David Jones who is a former officer in the British military. He had been known for processes that have been stunningly do and his cryptic endeavors and none of them failed.

As some terrorist has stolen a nuclear warhead current situation is fairly serious and the whole world is introducing a risk of a nuclear strike. Only at that instant British government has today phoned his one the finest agent who specializes in such missions.

David Jones is is the person who is given the charge of bringing the warhead back to the military base. The game starts with a simple assignment by which you may discover a touch of the nuclear weapon, linking to Jach Priboi.

Your objective will now change as at that immediate Jach will be known as primary antagonist, and you’ll be required to acquire Jach. You along with Anya, who is an operator and team member of Jones team; are set to capture Jach. That is done using an assignment which when completed will land up capturing Jach Priboi in your detention.

After few hours of assessment you are getting to understand about the chief antagonist who’s ‘Ekk’ and the actual face behind all the scenes. Ekk is the chief leader of the terrorist group according to whom Russia must be replenished by ruining it by a nuclear assault which can only just be done.

While taking Jach back to the base camp, the helicopter is attacked by Ekk and Jach is taken away. Nevertheless, you, as the chief character, now know who is behind all this and then next mission will give more hints on where you are going to discover the weapon that is super.

System Requirements For IGI 1:

  • Intel’s AMD configuration that is similar or P4 chip.
  • 256 MB RAM is required. For better performance use 512 MB RAM.
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.
  • Keyboard and Mouse.
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How to Download Blocky Roads For PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Blocky Roads is a simple racing game available on some mobile platforms including Windows Phones, Android and a few others too. It is not developed to run on your own desktop computers and notebooks as they comes loaded with Windows, Linux or some other operating systems. Here I ‘ll show you ways to get Blocky Roads.

It is rather a simple task and you’ll simply need to follow 4 – 5 measures to run this game that is spectacular on your PC. Well, before we do that do make sure your pc is connected to net as the downloading and installing of the game on your PC will require internet connectivity.

Blocky Roads

How to Run Blocky Roads?

You might already know that Blocky Roads is a mobile game available on Android and Windows Mobile; it is not officially started for the computer for Windows or any other such operating system. Still, there is a means to play with this game on your own PC.

We can make use of an emulator application, to make Blocky Roads run on PC. We shall need to use emulator for any among the following platforms as Blocky Roads is available on Android and Windows Mobile platform.

For Windows Mobile there aren’t such emulators available, however there are many android emulators accessible freely in the market.

One of such android emulator is Bluestacks; it is the most employed android emulator and the most recommended also. To use it to install and download Blocky Roads for PC we’ll need certainly to follow the measures as:

  • Download and install Bluestacks in your PC.
  • Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Blocky Roads’ using the app search choice.
  • When located, download and install the game on your own PC.
  • You’ve now installed Blocky Roads on your PC.

Now, you can start playing this game. It’ll now be available inside the Bluestacks, from where it can run. There may be times when your device might become incompatible with the app, in this kind of case you can try some other similar options such as for example Andy and Youwave out.

Although Youwave will be in your pocket for some dollars, Andy is free and rather similar to Bluestacks also.

Blocky Roads is the simplest sort of racing game, in the era of smart phones where you find yourself riding cars in games at unreal speeds.

This game isn’t one among them, yet is the most popular racing game of most times. All this owes to its extreme game physics and the Gameplay.

The game starts slowly paced with a miniature Jeep in your hands, as you will earn some points although this will totally change. The game has really fascinating stages which sets off as per the name.

Another great feature of the game is the updating alternative; this is individual for every other vehicle you buy. You can find just two controls which as on screen, namely ‘accelerate ’ and ‘ brakes’.

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