Download Microsoft Office 2015 Free for Windows

Microsoft Office is an office suite that is all in one. All in one as it includes the group of finest programs from Microsoft that are not useless in every other professional documentation work that we do.

Practically everybody whether writers, lawyers, employees, etc use its products for cause or another. Microsoft Office 2015 is the newest variation of the Microsoft office suite, which will be released soon in the beginning of the next year.

Starting from Microsoft’s very own operating system, this application can currently be locating on nearly all the operating system including Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android also.

Microsoft Office 2015

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word reasons the best component of the Microsoft Office package. Essentially Microsoft Word is a word processing application with virtually all the modern comforts that might be required by a person and a professional also.

The application covers the tiniest part as altering fonts to the tremendous resources like thesaurus and grammar check. There have been many additions in the Microsoft Word 2015 following its preceding variants including more sophisticated algorithms that will eventually end up increasing user experience.

I don’t understand whether you know it or that, but the ‘Mouse’ that you use today was a Microsoft innovation. This was a significant reason behind MS Word’s virality.

Add-ons also have been made in the interface that the word provides. One special addition is Windows 8.1 compatibility, as some form of tiles construction along with ribbon menu has been added to the interface.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that enables its users to edit, manage and create spreadsheets without getting much deeper into the layout. Excel consists of a large number of rows and columns that could hold just about any number of information.

In the event you have exhausted all of the rows and columns somehow, you alternatively can use extra sheets or can add extra rows and columns. By default there are obtainable in the doc, which may however be raised to any number.

The most important things about shine is the default functions that makes certain computations simpler. You’ll be able to only add, subtract, take an average, percentage, etc using their respective functions and the cell info. Along with the functionality of importing graphs and charts, certain new functions are added in the Microsoft Office 2015 variant.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

PowerPoint is a powerful application that enables creating displays that are spectacular. It’s possible for you to add text, shapes, and images and in the most recent variant and videos may also be imported to the slides. The most important thing about the PowerPoint is its transition effect using which particular components of the slide including images, text and shapes can move or transit from one spot to another.

System Requirements:

  • OS: MAC OS X, Windows Vista or later versions.
  • CPU:
  • RAM: 1 GB is prerequisite, although 2 GB is recommended.
  • At least 4 GB free installment space.
  • GPU: Any GPU with at least 256 MB graphics memory.

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