How to Download GTA Vice City Free for PC

GTA Vice city is one the prominent game in the history of gaming world. The game was created as an advancement over its forerunner GTA game. As nothing can describe its characteristics entirely talking about the game class, it does not fall in a predefined type.

This is because of the fact that you will truly end up running, flying, racing and even becoming a hard core shooter while playing this game. The most crucial feature of the game is its open to roam environment, which enables you to do almost everything in its virtual world.

GTA Vice city was initially developed for some gaming consoles including playstation and xbox it was designed to be played on computers too.

It was created by ‘Rockstar Games’, that have been developing similar types of games since years. There are a few other similar games developed by them such as San Andreas, Liberty City, GTA 5, etc.

GTA Vice City for pc

Minimum Requirements to Play GTA Vice City on PC:

Vice City don’t conform extreme images that is much nor much chip utilization are concerned, still there are some support configuration that must be followed to play with the game on your own PC, which are as follows:

CPU: Pentium chip is a minimal requirement, for better functionality, nevertheless, Dual core CPU is recommended.

GPU: Any graphic card with at least 128 MB of graphics memory will operate good.

Disk Space: 1 GB installation space.

About GTA Vice City

Vice city centers around the life ‘Tommy Vercetti’ who is the main protagonist and so is the playable character in the game. The game is all about completing assignments, getting money and reaching the zenith of the offense world.

GTA Vice City for mac

It is not on a space wars, a fairy tale or a first person shooting game; rather the game acts as an all in one bundle for the gamers. You will end up briefed about the game storyline which is fairly easy, when started for the very first time.

Tommy is set from the jail after some years, he finds her mom dead due to unknown reasons. Soon, he begins making a spot on the list of gangsters and joins the offense world again.

There are enormous amount missions in the game which will take you days to finish. The game might never finish if you just play with various other missions such as for example cab driver, vigilant, paramedic and so on, which are based on levels and time limits and just stop playing with the main line assignment.

The game finishes when all of the primary goals are finished. In the end Tommy finally finds out the reason behind her mum’s death and founds his own boss to be the main offender. Fully being a bad guy he takes vengeance of his mom’s death and the game then finishes.

Interesting, isn’t it? Download this game that is amazing instantly!

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